We are an Alpaca Farm located in Davenport, Washington. We offer Farm Tours, Overnight stays, Alpaca products, and fiber workshops!

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Quartz Mountain Alpacas

Alpaca Farm Tours and Overnight Stays, come meet the Alpacas!

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Whether a work outing, a school field trip, or just a break from the city - you'll get to meet and learn about all the different animals and plants at our farm. That includes Alpacas, goats, rabbits, cows, sheep and more! Tours usually last about an hour, and you are welcome to stay longer for other activities.

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Modern Homesteading & Alpaca Ranching

Alpacas, Dairy Goats, Rex Rabbits, and Farm Tours!

We are a homestead that focuses on Alpacas for fiber and breeding, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We also breed Rex Rabbits, and Siberian Cats for those of you who want cats but are allergic to them!

We are a small family farm focusing on raising quality animals for ourselves and our community. Our main focus is Alpaca fiber and agritourism. We host farm tours, overnight stays for a full farm experience, and sell a variety of handmade and professionally made alpaca fiber products. We are also excited to start our Alpaca breeding program this year! Over the last year we have been acquiring good stock to provide the best in fiber and conformation. We were lucky enough to bring in Rembrandts Uncommon Valor as our new stud from Sage Bluff Alpacas, as well as Bravado who is currently a fiber boy, but we are hoping for a great breeding career from him in the future. Please feel free to contact us about visiting with our Alpacas.

In addition, we are very proud to offer some of the best Nigerian Dwarf goats you will meet. Our focus with our goats is on breeding quality milk producers that are good for hand milking, and our stock has done a fantastic job. Our girls are currently producing between 16 and 20 ounces per morning, while also providing milk for their babies. One of our goats can easily provide enough milk for a family, while two or more would provide enough to make small batches of cheese and butter.

For us, providing food for our family is important, and with the price of meat being what it is we are hoping to provide for our family through raising rabbits and pigs. Our rabbits are pedigreed Standard Rex. We are raising them for meat and pelts, although they also make great pets and 4H projects. We sell breeding trios, and offer mentorship to those looking to get into rabbits and also will soon be providing training on the butchering process. For our other meat source we have decided to raise Mangalitsa and Berkshire pigs. Our pigs will be pasture raised in the forested part of our land enjoying the shade from the trees and foraging on all the snacks the woods has to offer. We are looking forward to providing this meat option to our family and our community. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a pasture pig for your family.